Doctoral Program

Doctor of Ministry (D. Min), Doctor of Divinity (DD), Doctorate in Theology (Th.D), Doctor of Philiosophy (Ph.D)

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min), Doctorate in Theology (Th.D), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), Doctor of Divinity (DD)  are the highest professional degree for those in parish or related ministries. It is designed for educated, experienced practitioners of Christian faith, who desire to stimulate renewal in themselves, and in their ministries through advanced training, research and reflection. Busy ministry leaders need a tailor-made program that leverages high-impact online education and maximum practical application.

The International Association for Theological Accreditation (IATA) has authorized TTS to run its Doctoral programs. Hence, TTS’s Doctoral program in association with IATA has been designed to fulfill the vision God has given for your ministry and to provide advanced training and skills to reach there. This program has been designed with your specific needs in mind and our program specializes in the kind of personal and ministry transformation that is necessary to keep you alert and realize God’s best for your life and ministry. Our goal is to help you be all you need to be as a leader so you can do all God has for you to do in ministry.

The Doctorate degree is an advanced professional degree program designed for the continuing development of those involved in vocational ministry. This program is designed to enhance professional competence by expanding upon an initial foundation of theological studies and ministry experience, to enable those in vocational ministry to enhance current strengths, address areas of weakness, and increase overall effectiveness. Open to ministerial leaders anywhere in the world who meet qualifications for admission, have access to the Internet, and are proficient in online work.

Admissions Requirements

Ordinarily, applicants for the Doctoral program will be required to:

  • hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • hold an M.Div.. M.Th., or any Masters degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • have spent at least FIVE YEARS in active ministry.
  • have earned a grade average of at least B+ (50%+) in their master’s program.
  • submit two letters of reference from people capable of assessing the applicant’s intellectual and academic ability, and two letters of reference (one from an ecclesial/church official and one from a lay person) that address the applicant’s performance in his or her current position of ministry.
  • submit two essays, one (two pages) describing their goals in undertaking doctoral study, including an indication of your proposed focus, and another (maximum 15 pages) that is a sample of their academic writing (e.g., an article, term paper, etc.)


Most of the Doctoral program is a three-year program, designed for Pastors and Christian Leaders. The Doctoral student is expected to take 10 courses out of the 22 courses offered, which should be 1,890 class hours* + Dissertation.

The courses offered are the following:

Sl.# Department Course Name
1 Practical Ministry Evangelism & Assimilation
2 Practical Ministry Evangelism that demands a response
3 Missions World Religions and the Christian Message
4 Missions Taking the whole Gospel to the whole world
5 Church Planting Strategies for Church planting
6 Practical Ministry Managing church conflict
7 Practical Ministry Prayer & Spiritual warfare
8 Urban Ministry Contextualizing Ministry for Urban Settings Urban Ministry
9 Practical Ministry & Theology Expository Preaching Biblical Study & Interpretation
10 Theology Survey of Major Christian Doctrines
11 Bible Exposition on Nine miraculous signs of John's Gospel
12 Practical Ministry Designing a website for your ministry
13 Practical Ministry Discipleship
14 Practical Ministry Spiritual Disciplines
15 Practical Ministry Marriage & family
16 Leadership Development Leadership
17 Leadership Development Leading and Providing vision
18 Bible Old Testament Minor & Major Prophets
19 Leadership Development Strategic Planning for the Church today
20 Practical Ministry Exercise Spiritual Authority
21 Research Studies Master's Thesis
22 Research Studies Doctoral Dissertation


*Class Hour Calculations *Class Hours
30 Pages reading 1 Class Hour
1 Page Writing 3 Class Hours
1 Hour in Class Time 1 Class Hour
1 Hour listening / Viewing 1 Class Hour
1 Hour meeting with Mentor 1 Class Hour
1 Hour ministry time directly related to class assignment 1 Class Hour
Studying and working 35 Class Hours