Diploma Program

Diploma Program

The Graduate Diploma in Ministry is a two-year Bible training program that provides you with an excellent foundation in theology and Christian ministry. It will equip you to serve in your church and community with a more informed attitude to ministry. However, it is not intended to provide sufficient training for people preparing for full-time ministry. The hardest thing about the Graduate Diploma is choosing just three electives. That’s probably why many students who complete the diploma then move into the second year of the M.Div degree, as the same is considered as the first year (first 2 semesters of M. Div).

FRIT Graduate Diploma of Divinity requires the students to complete 64 credit points in full.

Admission Requirements

The Graduate Diploma provides a two-year program of study for all who has completed 12th Standard with no formal qualifications in theology, Plus…One year of Ministry experience


Graduate in any discipline



1st SEMESTER Credit Hours
Introduction to Old Testament 4
Introduction to New Testament 4
Life & Ministry of Jesus Christ 4
Book of Acts 3
2nd SEMESTER Credit Hours
Contemporary trends in Mission 3
Major World Religions 3
Theology 1 4
Church History 1 4
3rd SEMESTER Credit Hours
Book of Romans 3
1 & 2 Epistles to Corinthians 3
Theology 2 4
Church History 2 4
4th SEMESTER Credit Hours
Major World Religions 3
Pastoral Care & Counseling 3
Thesis – 15,000 words 20