M.Div (MDIV)

Master of Divinity (M. Div)

Master of Divinity is used to define the study of different faiths and belief systems. In Christian theology, this degree prepares students to work as a pastor, priest, or in other parts of the ministry. This is the path for students who are interested in religious studies and pursuing work in the professional ministry. For students interested in teaching, an advanced degree can prepare you for a career in religious studies. This program generally requires students to complete 91 Credit hours and focuses on various theologies, Old Testament, New Testament, church history, Pastoral Counseling, and more. TTS, M.Div. requires a thesis, upon completion of the program.


Trinity Theological Seminary offers Master of Divinity (M.Div.) through online mode, which is fully accredited by the IATA (International Association of Theological Accreditation). M.Div. requires 91 credit hours. The program is exclusively online. Courses consists independent study, where the student simply takes courses without traveling to a physical classroom. Performance of the candidate is evaluated on the basis of assignments and reading reports thesis and an online VIVA conducted at the end. FRIT Master of Divinity is a six semester (3 year) course.  

Admission Requirements:

Candidates who are applying for the M.Div. degree must qualify under one of the following categories: Be a graduate of any recognized university. While students who have successfully completed their degrees are preferred, students who are in the final year of studies or awaiting results may also apply. Such candidates will be given provisional admission. They should produce their pass certificate before the end of the second semester (within 1 year of provisional admission at FRIT, otherwise the admission will stand cancelled and all the payments done to FRIT will stand forfeited, i.e., no refund). B.Th. graduates from accredited / affiliated colleges. Candidates, who do not have the necessary academic requirements but are above 20 years of age, are eligible to apply as mature candidates. They will be required to pass the online entrance examination in English, Bible and General Knowledge.  


BR. I. Old Testament
BS 101 Introduction to the Bible Part I 4
BS 102 Pentateuch 3
BS 103 Introduction to the Prophetical literature 3
BS 104 Old Testament Theology 3
BS 105 Introduction to Wisdom Literature 3
BS 106 History of Ancient Israel 3
BR. II. New Testament
BS 201 Introduction to the Bible Part II 4
BS 202 Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels 3
BS 203 Introduction to Johannine Literature 3
BS 204 Introduction to Pauline Thought (English) 3
BS 205 Pastoral Epistles 3
BS 206 Detailed Study of Book of Acts 3
BS 207 Apocalyptic Literature 3
BS 208 New Testament Theology 3
BR. III. Theology and Ethics
TE 301 Systematic Theology 4
TE 302 Biblical Theology 3
TE 303 Person and Work of Christ 3
TE 304 Introduction to Biblical Ethics 3
BR. IV. History of Christianity
HC 401 Survey of History of Christianity till 1600 AD 4
HC 402 History and Distinctive Teachings of Pentecostal Churches with focus on India Pentecostal Church of God 3
HC 403 History of Reformation 1550 to 1800 AD
HC 404 History of Christianity in India
BR. V. Religion and Philosophy
RP 501 Introduction to Major Religion 3
RP 502 Advanced study of Hinduism 3
RP 503 Advanced study of Islam 3
RP 504 Christian Response to Other Faiths 3
BR. VI. Missiology
MI 601 Christian Witness and Mission 3
MI 602 Theology of Mission 3
MI 603 Urban Mission 3
MI 604 Cross-Cultural Mission
BR. VII. Christian Ministry
CM 701 Worship and Preaching 3
CM 702 Advanced Pastoral Care & Counselling 3
CM 703 Church Administration & Leadership 3
CM 704 Pastoral Theology 2
BR. VIII. Communication
CMM 801 Introduction to Communication to Christian Ministry 3
CMM 802 Information and Communication Technology
CMM 803 Implication for Christian Ministry 3
CMM 804 Mass Media Issues 3
Interdisciplinary Courses
IC 901 Women in Christian Mission and Ministry 3
IC 902 Biblical Hermeneutics 3
General Courses
GC 950 Research Methods 2
GC 951 English I 3