Dip.Th (DIPTH)

The Bachelor of Theology program is designed to prepare students for various Church ministries. This four year or 8 semester degree programis based on a solid Biblical and theological foundation. A wide range of practical and pastoral units allows specialization in a specific area of ministry.

In order to equip them with the advanced ministry skills and personal transformation necessary to lead their ministry to new levels of effectiveness, TTS, B.Th Program has been designed to help them:

  • Rethink the way you do ministry by giving you new critical and analytical thinking tools to effectively address the leadership-needy areas of your ministry.
  • Refocus on calling for your life and ministry to align them with your core values and best gifts with the goal of greater effectiveness and impact in ministry.
  • Retool with the advanced visioneering, leadership and management skills that provide new ways of addressing ministry for greater impact and effectiveness.
  • Renew your passion for a healthy holistic and balanced approach to spiritual disciplines, relationships and your personal relationship with God.
  • Reorient your perspective in with a global and prophetic focus on reaching the lost with world-changing and Spirit-led influence and impact.

 Admission Requirement for Bachelor of Theology

Candidates for the B.Th must have successfully completed the pre-university or its equivalent and must have 2-3 years ministry experience. Students who are appearing for exams or awaiting results may also apply. Such candidates may be given provisional admission and will have to produce the grades for the previous course completed. They should produce proof of successful completion before the end of the first semester. The duration of this course will be four years.

If the applicant is a matured candidate, he / she then must be above 18 years of age and must have passed 10th Standard + 3-5 years of ministry experience.

Diploma holders & Certificate holders in Theology (D.Th & C.Th) from a recognized theological institution can also apply.


CODE Name of the Course Cr. Hrs

Br. I. Old Testament

OT 102 Old Testament Survey 4
OT 103 History of Israel 3
OT 104 The Pentateuch 3
OT 105 Old Testament Prophets (Special Reference to 8th Century Prophets) 3
OT 106 Poetical Books with Special Reference to Psalms 3

Br. II. New Testament

NT 201 New Testament Survey 4
NT 202 Synoptic Gospels (Exegetical Study of Selected Text) 3
NT 203 Johns Gospel 3
NT 204 Pauline Epistles 3
NT 205 General Epistles 3
NT 206 Book of Acts 3
NT 207 Revelation 3

Br. III. Theology & Ethics

TE 301 Introduction to Christian Theology 3
TE 302 Systematic Theology-I 3
TE 303 Systematic Theology-II 3
TE 304 Incomparable Christ 3
TE 305 Introduction to Christian Ethics 3

Br. IV. History of Christianity

HC 401 History of Christianity up to 600 AD 3
HC 402 Medieval Christianity up to 600 to 1500 A.D 3
HC 403 Pioneers of Christian Witness 3
HC 404 History & Distinctive Teachings of Pentecostal Church 3

Br. V. Religion and Philosophy

RP 501 Introduction to Major Religion 3
RP 502 A Detailed Study of Muslim Religious Traditions 3
RP 503 Apologetics 3

Br. VI. Missiology

MS 601 Introduction to Mission 3
MS 602 Principles and Issues of Church growth 3
MS 603 Cross-Cultural Mission 3

Br. VII. Christian Ministry

CM 701 Introduction to Worship and Preaching 3
CM 702 Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counselling 3
CM 703 Church Administration 3
CM 704 Pastoral Theology 2
CM 705 Introduction to Christian Education 3
CM 707 Ecumenical Movement 2
CM 708 Discipleship 2
CM 709 Leadership 2

Br. VII. Communication

CMM 801 Introduction to Communication 3
CMM 802 Mass media in Christian ministry 3

Inter Disciplinary Course

IDC 901 Women in Christian Ministry 3
IDC 902 Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics 3

General Courses

GC 950 Study Methods 2
GC 952 English I 3